Black Hat Booth Video


Meet The Threat Actors And The Adversary Groups.



Crowdstrike is dedicated to tracking the activities of threat actor groups to understand as much as possible about their motives. Tracking over 100 adversaries of all shapes and sizes, including nation-state, eCrime, and hacktivist adversaries, Crowdstrike developed a cryptonym system for adversary categorization.

So “Anchor Panda” isn’t just a pet name; it designates both the adversary’s nation-state and the group they targeted…in this case, civilian and military maritime operations. With many adversaries to introduce we developed a Sucide Squad style intro-sequence. Showcasing the villains in a playful yet techy way, we built on the character’s personality aspects and their origins while making a splash on the booth video wall.


Agency: Nobody
Client: CrowdStrike
Directed by Ottoman Robot
Art Direction: Ottoman Robot
Producer: Evan Rice
Storyboard: Ottoman Robot
Character Illustration:
Tanner Goldbeck
Animation: Ottoman Robot
Music and Sound: Ottoman Robot



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