Makers Place NFT Drops


Complex Union Of Vivid Colors Become NFTs




Jordan Nickel aka POSE is a Chicago based artist and forerunner of Chicago’s golden age of graffiti. He is a modern pop artist who creates works that range from large-scale murals to intricate bodies of work. While his work relies on harnessing very simple human emotions like love, loss and triumph, it’s presented in a complex union of vivid colors and layered application that aims for something much more profound than what’s at the literal, surface level.

BEYOND THE STREETS commissioned me to bring POSE’s genesis collection to life. Auctioned at Makers Place through series of drops, all the editions were sold out. In order to compliment POSE’s visual language of exploring the complexity of emotions, I had to apply a series of complex and simple animation techniques. Those techniques came in the form of new color exportations, glitches, typography, color washes, paint drips and more. Both Ends, Blot and Burn are the first digital artworks to be created with the same energy POSE is known for, bringing each piece to life in special editions. You can view the drops at Makers Place.


Client: Beyond the Streets
Curated by Roger Gastman
Art Direction: POSE
Storyboard: Ottoman Robot
Animation: Ottoman Robot



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