Young Till I Die Music Video


Music Video Supporting Punk and Hardcore Preservation




There was a real chance we would lose some of the great punk and hardcore albums as label owners and artists started to die off. So, from that Trust Records was formed to try and ensure that never happens with support of Know Your Rights which is a non profit music publishing company for ’80s-era hardcore artists.”7Seconds’ The Crew was one of the most iconic albums of the 1980’s underground American punk and hardcore scene. Delivering 18 legendary songs in just 20 minutes, this classic record became the soundtrack to the suburban youth of that era. Known for their progressive and positive lyrics, 7Seconds became one of the first in the genre to address racism, homophobia, and sexism. Embracing the DIY attitude of this blossoming underground music scene the band not only worked on their music, but also put out fanzines, and promoted shows with out of town bands ranging from Black Flag to Minor Threat.

Originally released on BYO Records in 1984, Trust Records has reissued a new release on vinyl and for the first time ever, it was made available across all digital streaming platforms on June 25. The audio has been remastered from the original analog tapes by producer David Gardner. As part of the reissue the band needed a new music video that would capture the energy and the motto of the bands 80’s roots. It channeled the bands past through archived footage while paying homage to the band’s fanzines. The art direction aesthetic was based on the collage and print techniques used for the punk subculture’s thriving underground press.


Client: Trust Records
Directed by Joseph Pattisall
Art Direction: Ottoman Robot
Storyboard: Ottoman Robot
Ottoman Robot
Animation: Ottoman Robot



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