Snoop Dogg X Rare Essence

“Hit The Floor” Music Video





Snoop Dogg and Washington D.C. go-go band Rare Essence gets together for the love of funk. “Hit The Floor” is the first-time collab between the band famous for the funk-rooted D.C. genre and the artist known for his own love of funk.

Starting with the 90’s Globe Posters as inspiration for the typography and art direction, the task ahead was big. Bringing the old skool back with the black and white music video needed some of the band’s brand colors to contrast the edit. A magical day of shooting the band and Snoop Dogg on white and green screen required some quick, snappy editing style to create a music video that’s full energy and true to the roots of go-go.


Client: Rare Essence
Directed by Joseph Pattisall
Art Direction: Ottoman Robot
Storyboard: Ottoman Robot
Ottoman Robot
Animation: Ottoman Robot



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