Two-Day Virtual Art Fair


BTS Takes Artist From Street To Elite On NTWRK




NTWRK and Beyond the Streets join forces together for a two-day virtual art fair. With the platforms unique reach to a selective audience, the event featured world-renowned artists and brands via drops for exclusive street art and fashion.

In collaboration with Felipe Pantone, the art direction was designed to immerse the audience in a blended aesthetics of graffiti with digitized prismatic forms. The project’s main objective was to produce a wide-range of video content, starting with designing a solid graphics package for the two-day event. The deliverables ranged from product demos to artist and product features, to social content, supporting product drops in the form of countdowns and flyers for generating hype. I had the privilege to create content for artists like Andre Saraiva, Shepard Fairey, POSE, AIKO, HUSKMITNAVN, Mister Cartoon, and DABSMYLA to name a few.


Client: NTWRK
Curated by Roger Gastman
Art Direction: Felipe Pantone
Storyboard: Ottoman Robot
Ottoman Robot
Animation: Ottoman Robot



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