Audience Segmentation Explainer Video


Turning Disruption Into Opportunity



Accenture helps businesses stay ahead in the digital economy by bringing the New to leading companies—including 95 of the Fortune 100 and more than three-quarters of the Fortune 500. WIth industries all around us disrupted by advances in Technology, companies lookup to the expertise and consulting support from Accenture to embrace innovation to drive new value for their organization.

Produced as a thematic curtain-raiser to the pitch before the U.S. Census Bureau, this visually bold and fast-paced trailer draws you into the main attraction — the presentation on segmentation and the Accenture Clustering Engine. Combining dynamic motion graphics that make the data visualization tools of ACE come to life, a collage of video and photographic elements, a conversational narration and an energetic music track. The piece makes a concise and compelling case that the Accenture Clustering Engine is a unique solution to the segmentation challenges posed by the advertising and mobilization campaign for the 2020 Census.


Agency: HF
Client: Accenture
Directed by Ottoman Robot
Art Direction: Ottoman Robot
Producer: Peter Demchuk
Storyboard: Ottoman Robot
Animation: Ottoman Robot
Audio: Ottoman Robot



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