Nuclear Threat Initive

Global Nuclear Security Video


The Race Between Cooperation And Catastrophe



NTI – The Nuclear Threat Initiative works to prevent catastrophic attacks with weapons of mass destruction and disruption—nuclear, biological, radiological, chemical and cyber. Working with leaders, partners, and citizens from around the world to develop policies to reduce reliance on nuclear weapons, prevent their use, and end them as a threat.

Our current nuclear policies have not adapted to today’s security environment. This status quo is not sustainable, and the consequences of inaction are unacceptable. Unless we adapt our policies and forces to deal with new and emerging threats, global security will remain at serious risk. This animated video outlines the stark reality and the threat our world faces with a spy-dossier style art direction–highlighting NTI’s work with governments, partner organizations and leaders around the world to prevent catastrophe.


Agency: HF
Client: Nuclear Threat Initiative
Directed by Ottoman Robot
Art Direction: Ottoman Robot
Producer: Peter Demchuk
Storyboard: Ottoman Robot
Animation: Ottoman Robot
Audio: Ottoman Robot



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